Don’t let dry air control you!

Living in Colorado we all know how dry it gets here. What’s wrong with dry air? Well let me tell you. Low relative humidity can make you more susceptible to catching a cold as well as cause static shock and dry, itchy skin and eyes. If you have woodwork in your home or hardwood floors, the dry air can cause cracks.

You can take control of the humidity of the air in your home by getting a humidifier. Whole house steam humidifiers are installed as part of your homes heating and cooling system and automatically deliver the perfect amount of humidified air throughout your whole home. They have sensors to measure the outdoor temperature and indoor humidity levels to provide the ideal amount of indoor relative humidity.

Maintaining an optimal humidity level throughout your home can help you to stay warmer at lower temperatures meaning that you can lower your thermostat a bit and save energy. Once installed, these systems monitor indoor relative humidity and require little maintenance.

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