AC installation service

Spring has sprung, is your AC ready for summer?

Make certain the condenser unit gets a regular cleaning. The condenser is the outside unit that converts hot air to cold air. Don’t forget to shut off power when you clean it. An often overlooked part of AC maintenance is the filters. Filters quickly get filled with dirt because they trap dust and particles in…
smart thermostats

Uneven heating throughout your house

Do you have one of those homes that seems to have a mind of its own regarding warmth? Maybe one minute you’re toasty warm in the kitchen, four steps later you’re freezing cold in the den. Or one of your kid’s bedrooms is much warmer than the other. If this describes your home, then the…
furnace installation and repair

When buying a new furnace

It’s important when choosing the furnace that best meets your needs, to consider the following five questions: What is the size of your home in square feet? What type of insulation is currently in place? What is the height of your ceiling? Which type – and size – of windows are in place? Such information…