Air Conditioning vs Evaporative Cooling – The good, the bad and the ugly

Air Conditioning: Runs through the ducts that you’ve already got in place in your home if you’ve got a furnace. It’s as easy as switching your thermostat to cool and setting your desired temperature.  There’s no need to winterize anything, just switch back to heat and you’re set for winter.

The Good                                            The Bad                                                    The Ugly

Great if you have forced air heat as it uses the same ductworkNeeds ductwork installed if you have hot water heatNot too unsightly and you can position the outside unit so that it’s not seen immediately
Uses the same thermostat as your furnaceRequires a 220 circuit/electrical panel upgrade
Circulates air through the furnace filter
Works well when it’s humid
Works with the windows closed so diminishes allergen issues

Evaporative Cooling:  Requires installation of supply ducts to get air where you’d like it.  It comes with its own thermostat so that you can set your temperature.  It adds moisture to the air which is great in our dry Colorado climate.  It is self-cleaning, but you do have to winterize it to prevent breaking the water line.

            The Good                                 The Bad                                         The Ugly

Run ductwork to the areas that you want to coolHave to run ductworkUnits are not unsightly, but some HOAs do not allow them
Provides moisture to the dry Colorado airNeed to winterize to prevent water lines breaking 
Self flushing dailyDoesn’t work well on humid days 
Has it’s own thermostat that you can set you’re desired temperature  
Requires a cracked window so you get fresh air flow  
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