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How to prevent furnace problems with HVAC installation

It’s easy to take your furnace system for granted when it is functioning correctly. However, poor maintenance, poor installation, and neglect can result in furnace problems that affect how it heats and cools your home. Here are some common furnace problems you can prevent with professional HVAC installation. Premature breakdowns High energy bills Ignition or…
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5 things to consider when choosing AC

There are several air conditioning systems on the market homeowners can choose from. However, choosing the right AC system for your home is vital since the wrong AC may not cool or warm your home as desired. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing an AC system. The load of your home; this…
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How often should you change your AC filter?

Your home’s AC filter is an essential tool in reducing allergens in your house and keeping it dust-free. Therefore, replacing it regularly is vital in keeping the air in your home clean. It’s highly recommended to change your AC filter once a month, but these depend on many factors such as; Type of air filter…