Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

Finish Line Heating and Cooling, Serving Denver, Colorado

The experts at Finish Line Heating and Cooling in Denver specialize in cost-effective ductless heating and cooling solutions, giving local homeowners and businesses a custom system that requires a far simpler installation than traditional HVAC. Instead of pushing air from a central unit, through miles of ductwork and out of vents, ductless heating and cooling systems connect an outdoor compressor/condenser with an indoor air-handling unit to deliver just the right amount of warm or cool air for your space.

With ductless mini-splits, you can:

  • Customize temperatures by zone – keep your living room warm and toasty but bedroom cool
  • Replace loud and clunky window units, get rid of fans and banish dangerous space heaters
  • Resolve workplace arguments over which department gets to control the office thermostat
  • Save money on utility bills by only heating or cooling the room or space that’s being occupied
  • No need to keep up on getting your ducts cleaned each year to preserve indoor air quality
  • Enjoy perfect temperatures at your home or business when ducted systems are not feasible

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Going Ductless is the Smart Choice

With over 15 years of serving the Denver area, Finish Line has come to trust in several specific brands for everything from furnaces to ductless mini-splits. For us, it’s all about maximizing value for the customer. We look for reliable, high-performance options that give you more for your dollar.

By going with LG for ductless heating and cooling, we’re able to deliver the benefits listed above along with these key features:

  • Energy-efficient options, including variable speed compressors
  • Clean, fresh air generated by plasma air-purifying technology
  • Lower temps quickly yet efficiently with high-speed, jet cooling
  • Compact, smartly designed indoor air-handling units look great
  • Operate at 26 dB, equivalent to leaves rustling or whispering

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