Boiler Service, Repair & Installation

Finish Line Heating and Cooling, Serving Denver, Colorado

No matter where you live in Denver, the team at Finish Line Heating and Cooling has the expertise you need for all things boilers, including installs and ongoing service. In fact, because the largest number of single-family homes were built here during the 1950s when boilers were more common, we’ve actually updated and modernized countless boilers and hydronic systems across the metro area.

While the other guys might know their way around a gas furnace, our knowledge goes even deeper. As long-time Denver residents, the Finish Line team is very familiar with the history of local HVAC. So, if you want to upgrade your 50s brick bungalow or late 1800s Victorian system, we’ll work with you to design and install a hydronic system that meets your needs and budget. We install:

  • Residential and Small Commercial Boilers
  • HTP Boilers
  • Baseboard Heaters and Radiators
  • Underfloor Radiant Tube Heating
  • Radiant Panels for Walls and Ceilings
  • Heated Sidewalk and Driveway Systems
Install Whites boilers

The Right Boilers for Your Unique Needs

At Finish Line Heating and Cooling, we can help you with the installation of highly-efficient boilers along with hydronic heating components for your home or small commercial property. Here are the top 3 boilers that we typically recommend to our customers:

LAARS – Up to 95% AFUE

  • Energy saving, gas firing hydronic boilers for large and small homes
  • Floor and wall mounted options, plus models with a compact footprint
  • Condensing or non-condensing, boilers only or combis (water heater)
  • Economical models that don’t sacrifice performance and reliability
  • 20-year warranty on heat exchanger
Triangle Tube Prestige – Up to 95% AFUE

  • Wall-mounted gas condensing boilers for residential and commercial
  • Auto-adjusts firing rate based on demand to lower operating costs
  • Flexibility to link up to 6 boilers and runs on natural gas or propane
  • Firetube heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer and longevity
  • 10-year heat exchanger warranty, 5-year limited parts
Dunkirk DXL Series – Up to 83.5% AFUE

  • Energy saving, gas-fired hot water boilers for large and small homes
  • Simple controls with LED display for setting temperature limit
  • Integrated low-water damage protection and draft diverter
  • Boiler reset feature turns on boiler only when needed to save fuel
  • 20-year non-prorated warranty
Heat-Flo Indirect Water Heaters

  • All plumbing connections are located on top for an easy installation.
  • All stainless steel tank and smooth tube heating coil for long life.
  • Full 2″ plus of insulation for an extremely low heat loss.
  • A thermoplastic jacket that will not corrode or dent.
  • Standard Honeywell control and well for reliability and easy service.
  • Quality brass drain and T+P valves are factory installed.