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For over 15 years, Finish Line has been your full-service heating and cooling professionals here in the Denver, Colorado area. Our company specializes in complete HVAC installations and servicing for both residential customers and small commercial properties. We can design and set-up systems for newly constructed homes or businesses, as well as retrofit older spaces with modern, high-efficiency HVAC.

A family owned and operated business, Finish Line Heating and Cooling provides highly personalized service while striving to exceed the expectations of every customer.

We’ll work with you to customize a system that’s safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and most importantly, fits your budget. We understand that HVAC systems, while a necessity, require a significant investment. As your full-service heating and cooling professionals, our main focus is to make every dollar go farther and provide you with a system that delivers exceptional value. Finish Line is also an Xcel Energy rebates program partner – we’ll help you maximize all current rebates and government tax credits.

Call and talk to us to learn more about everything we offer: forced air heating, gas furnace installation, furnace repair, central air conditioning, as well as hydronic heating and evaporative cooling.

I need a new AC

To keep you cool and comfortable during Denver’s hot summer months, Finish Line can install an Armstrong AC unit that fits your specific needs.

As an alternative to AC, we can install an evaporative cooler from PMI. This option uses less energy while helping to lower home temperatures.

Don’t go another winter with an old or subpar furnace. Finish Line offers Armstrong furnaces for every budget, including single-stage and variable speed.

If you have a hydronic system, we can upgrade or replace an inefficient boiler with a modern, energy-saving version that may help lower your utility bill

As full-service heating and cooling professionals, Finish Line also provides air cleaners, whole-home humidifiers and programmable thermostats.

When you need hot water Finish Line Heating & Cooling. We install, service and repair tankless or even an indirect fired water heater, we provide all the top brands and best options.

About Finish Line Heating & Cooling

For over 15 years, our family owned and operated company has been working hard to provide all of our friends and neighbors here in Denver with safe, reliable and affordable HVAC systems. Our main goal is to earn your business for life by listening to your needs and delivering on every promise.

We look forward to being your full-service heating and cooling professionals!

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