Large Armstrong Air AC unit

Why use separate HVAC systems in rentals?


Some landlords only use one main HVAC system for a duplex or apartment building. This type of setup usually causes no end of headaches for landlords and tenants alike:

  • Multiple people trying to control the temperature can result in repeat arguments between tenants about thermostat settings.
  • Tenants can have difficulty understanding actual costs related to heating and cooling, including fuel and electricity costs.
  • One or more tenants might stop paying rent or sue you because they feel that you misrepresented the temperature control situation and the total costs related to the enjoyment of their units.
  • Landlords can face fines in some areas if they haven’t guaranteed that every tenant has complete control over their personal environment.
  • Shared ventilation systems are a health hazard since they allow allergens, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and various pests to spread from one unit to another.

For 15 years, Finish Line Heating & Cooling has provided heating and air conditioning services to residential and commercial customers throughout the metro area of Denver, Colorado. We do more than offer heating repair services. We provide total HVAC inspection and installation services, including HVAC services for rental units. Call today for more details.

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