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Should I mix refrigerants?


The simple answer to whether you should mix refrigerants is no. Mixing refrigerants is not only illegal and impractical but is not economical. The most commonly used refrigerant in the US is R-22, which has been found to deplete the ozone layer. The import and production of R-22 are limited by the EPA, making R-22 expensive.

After 2020, only reclaimed, recycled, and recovered R-22 will be available. When doing AC repair, it is important to contact a professional to avoid mixing refrigerants. Do not be tempted to top up the refrigerant yourself!

  • The effects of mixing refrigerants are:
  • Reduced cooling
  • Ineffective oil return to the compressor
  • Inefficient cooling of the compressor
  • Malfunction of the metering device
  • Compressor damage
  • Negative impacts on the environment

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