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Welcome to the blog page for Finish Line Heating & Cooling.  Located in Denver Colorado, Finish Line Heating & Cooling has seen and learned a lot about keeping our customers cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  We hope you enjoy this snapshot into some of the work we do and if you have any questions give us a call.

Frozen AC – The whys and what to do about it

It’s strange yet common for AC systems to freeze in the summer. Several problems can contribute to a frozen system. Insufficient air flow: A common problem that we’ve found in Colorado is the outside unit is covered in cotton from the cottonwood trees and is blocking air flow to the condenser.  Restricted air flow can also…
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Air Conditioning vs Evaporative Cooling – The good, the bad and the ugly

Air Conditioning: Runs through the ducts that you’ve already got in place in your home if you’ve got a furnace. It’s as easy as switching your thermostat to cool and setting your desired temperature.  There’s no need to winterize anything, just switch back to heat and you’re set for winter. The Good                                            The Bad                                                    The Ugly Great if…
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Who is Finish Line you ask?

Finish Line Heating and Cooling is a full service HVAC company specializing in installation and service of residential and small commercial systems. We focus on creating systems that satisfy our customers specific comfort needs. We can handle everything from design and installation of a system in a newly constructed home or commercial property to retrofitting a…
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