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Welcome to the blog page for Finish Line Heating & Cooling.  Located in Denver Colorado, Finish Line Heating & Cooling has seen and learned a lot about keeping our customers cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  We hope you enjoy this snapshot into some of the work we do and if you have any questions give us a call.

Prestige Boiler

Why the Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler is right for you

Are you looking for a hydronic system that meets your unique needs and fits your budget? If so, you might want to consider the Triangle Tube Prestige boiler. This wall-mounted gas boiler is suitable for both residential and commercial use. The Triangle Tube Prestige is 95% energy efficient and can be linked up to 6…
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Clean Air in house

Improve your home comfort with Air Scrubber Plus

As winter settles in, you’re going to spend more time indoors cozening up to the fireplace or watching TV. Hence, it’s time to make your home comfortable by improving your indoor air with the Air Scrubber Plus. The Air Scrubber Plus is a technological device that improves indoor air quality by removing airborne contaminants and…
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tankless water heater installation

Are you constantly reheating your water?

That same old tank of water in your home could be reheated several times. Does that seem like a waste of energy? If so, how about converting to a tankless water heater before winter truly arrives? This would provide you with an instant hot water source just at the moment you want it. At other…
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whole home humidifiers

Breathe healthy air with Aprilaire Humidifiers

It’s vital to humidify your home air as winter approaches to reduce the transmission of viruses such as asthma flares and flu. Luckily, with Aprilaire Humidifiers, you can humidify your entire home, allowing you to sleep better. Aprilaire Humidifiers are whole-home humidifiers that boast trouble-free performance and minimum maintenance. The Aprilaire Humidifier is built to…
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Ac repair

Being totally in control of your heating

The way we control and use many devices in our homes has changed so drastically in recent years. Yet, some people are still trying to control their heating system with a thermostat that was state of the art when it was installed several presidents ago! The latest Honeywell models can offer a superbly sized and…
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smart thermostats

What is zoning?

Whatever the number of rooms in your home, you’ll know that each of them doesn’t require exactly the same level of heating all the time. And that’s where zoning comes in. This a way to create controlled delivery of heating (and cooling), perhaps for a single room, but equally for a group of rooms where…
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Electronic thermostat Finish Line Heating & Cooling Denver CO

Three ways to be more comfortable in your home

As fall approaches, and with winter then lurking, you’ll likely be spending more time in your home. For maximum comfort, here are three suggestions to consider… A humidifier: the solution to getting an unwelcome zap when you touch a light switch! An electric air cleaner: after being out in a summer of fresh air, you’ll…
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Getting the most out of your Air Conditioning

How air conditioners dehumidify the air

Air conditioners are designed with a refrigerant which, when operating, takes heat out of the air. When the air is cooled, the amount of moisture that air can hold decreases and condensation forms. The coils in most air conditioners slope with a drain at the bottom so the water is drained away. If you live…
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Furnace needs a new air filter

What happens if I don’t change my filter?

Air filter changes are one of the easiest and most often overlooked forms of maintenance for your AC or furnace. Here’s what you can expect if this very important task is ignored. Your filter is designed to trap dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris before it reaches your motor. As such, it provides a…
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Dunkirk boiler

Save energy with Dunkirk DXL Series boilers

Are you in search of an energy-efficient water boiler for your home? If so, the Dunkirk DXL Series is your best choice. This product is a gas-fired hot boiler suitable for both large and small homes. It has an efficiency rate of up to 83%, and it comes with a 20-year non prorated warranty. The…
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whole home humidifiers

What are the benefits of installing Aprilaire humidifiers?

There are two types of humidifiers for your home: small, portable units and whole-house humidifiers which are permanently installed with your cooling and central heating system. What are the benefits of whole-house humidifiers like the ones available from Aprilaire? Monitoring your home’s humidity level and adding moisture only when it is needed No matter which…
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Keep my house cool in the summer

Benefits of installing the Phoenix Manufacturing evaporative cooler

Since Denver, Colorado, has a dry climate, installing an evaporative cooler is the best way to create cool, moistened air for your home. With the Phoenix Manufacturing Evaporative Cooler (PMI), you can enjoy low energy consumption and extra humidity that’s great for your skin and house. Here are other benefits of installing PMI in your…
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