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Buying an energy efficient furnace


At Finish Line Heating and Cooling, we understand that researching your options can be overwhelming. That’s why our team of HVAC professionals walk every customer through all the critical factors that go into deciding on which furnace is the right fit for your home, needs and budget.

Typically, a furnace with an 80% rating uses open combustion (also called atmospheric) which pulls in air from the surrounding space while a 90%+ efficient furnace uses sealed combustion which draws outdoor air through a PVC pipe. This difference can be critical in choosing a furnace – here’s why:

If you want to go with a 90%+ energy-efficient furnace, we’ll first need to see where it will be installed. For a vented attic or crawl space, an airway will need to be created and pipe fitted for combustion air to enter the unit. This makes installation more complicated and will cost more up front.

If you’re on a tight budget, an 80% efficient unit that uses open combustion and requires no changes to the structure of your home may be your best option.

Of course, the team here at Finish Line Heating and Cooling can help make the process easy. We’ll break down everything you need to know and guide you in choosing an energy-efficient furnace that will serve you well for many winters to come. Call or contact us today and let’s get started!

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