Clean Air in house

Is your HVAC system making you sick?

We often have to remind home and business owners that regular HVAC system inspections and cleaning are necessary to prevent more than simply a breakdown at a critical time. Without proper maintenance, your HVAC system can make you or others exposed to it ill. How does this happen?

– Dangerous Pests: Insects and animals that spread disease often take up residence inside of unclean vents.

– Harmful Organisms: Dirty filters and gaps in duct-work at the seams can result in pollen, bacteria, viruses and mold filling the air. Moisture in poorly working systems can cause microorganism overgrowth.

– Toxic Pollutants: Dirty filters fail to remove contaminants found in a home, such as chemicals from air fresheners or cleaning products and volatile organic chemicals, out of the air.

Finish Line Heating & Cooling is one of Denver’s leading heating and air conditioning sales and installation service providers. We also perform extensive inspections, maintenance work and repairs. Contact a member of our experienced team today for more details.

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