Is your HVAC system making you sick?

We often have to remind home and business owners that regular HVAC system inspections and cleaning are necessary to prevent more than simply a breakdown at a critical time. Without proper maintenance, your HVAC system can make you or others exposed to it ill. How does this happen?

– Dangerous Pests: Insects and animals that spread disease often take up residence inside of unclean vents.

– Harmful Organisms: Dirty filters and gaps in duct-work at the seams can result in pollen, bacteria, viruses and mold filling the air. Moisture in poorly working systems can cause microorganism overgrowth.

– Toxic Pollutants: Dirty filters fail to remove contaminants found in a home, such as chemicals from air fresheners or cleaning products and volatile organic chemicals, out of the air.

Finish Line Heating & Cooling is one of Denver’s leading heating and air conditioning sales and installation service providers. We also perform extensive inspections, maintenance work and repairs. Contact a member of our experienced team today for more details.

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