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5 questions to ask when choosing a furnace


It’s important when choosing the furnace that best meets your needs, to consider the following five questions:

  1. What is the size of your home in square feet?
  2. What type of insulation is currently in place?
  3. What is the height of your ceiling?
  4. Which type – and size – of windows are in place?
  5. How is your home positioned?

Such information allows our experts to calculate the BTUs (British Thermal Unit) needed to produce just the right amount of heated air. Having also completed a heat-loss calculation, only then will we offer a recommendation about the furnaces we believe will best meet your needs.

If you want to fire up the best-possible furnace for your Denver Colorado property or think you might need furnace repair, talk to our Finish Line experts now on 303-932-3200.

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